Mysterium 2008 Wrap-up Survey Now Available

Mysterium 2008 attendees, check your inboxes. The 2008 wrap-up survey has (finally) been released. If you attended Mysterium 2008 and did not receive an invitation to take the wrap-up survey, please contact web [at] mysterium [dot] net.

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  1. Never received a thing.

    Actually, never even received the prize I allegedly won at 2008 even though it was supposed to be mailed to me. ( At least that is what I was told and I even offered to pay the postage ).

    ( Greeter )

    • That’s my error, Kon’Dor. The box with the rest of the Mysterium prizes went into storage to keep them safe from my daughter, and I haven’t been able to retrieve, package and mail them yet.

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