Be at Mysterium – on paper!

Can’t make it to this weekend’s Mysterium? It’s not too late to be a Paper Person!

Paper people is a Mysterium tradition where people who can’t make it sent pictures of themselves to be there in their place. There is usually a group picture taken with all of the paper people. You can still get yours in. Send your jpg to by Friday AM!

Posted in General, Mysterium 2008.


  1. I sent my picture in a long while back (to paperpeople@mysterium), but I’m not sure if it ended up in the right place, or whether it was received… Could a list be posted somewhere of all of the people who have already sent in pictures (if someone has time, I realize that most people don’t have time to type up a list of names), or would it be best for me to re-send it to Eleri directly?


  2. I personally don’t have access to the list, so I can’t get that to ya. So just to be safe, email it again. I doubt it will hurt 🙂

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