CAGrayWolf Memorial & Family Support Fund

Wolfie put huge amounts of time, energy and spirit into planning this year’s Mysterium. We’d be dishonoring him if we didn’t find a way to celebrate that spirit in some way.

On Sunday, we will be holding a non-denominational memorial for Wolfie, with a visual presentation, and time for people to speak. We will also have a memory book available for people to write in, that will be sent to his family.

In addition, we are passing the hat for a Wolfie Family Support Fund. This fund will have two priorities: first, clearly, to help alleviate the finance burden of funeral expenses.

The second priority is to support the Guild of Greeters in carrying on one of Wolfie’s projects, which was sponsoring a wolf of the Sawtooth Wolf Pack in Idaho. Funds beyond what the family accepts for expenses will be given to the GoG for this purpose

If you have pictures of CAGrayWolf you’d like to share, please send them to

To contribute to the fund, please use the address, and include “memorial fund” in the notes. Or, you can contribute directly to the Guild of Greeters

Thank you all so much,

The Mysterium Committee

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  1. :,( I leave early Sunday morning…is there any way a poll of who’s leaving like I am on Sunday and maybe set something small up for those of us who will be unable to attend/participate in the Memorial? Maybe have the Memory book available for us to sign earlier than everyone else? :/

  2. David was my first Love. I Hope he touched everyone with truth honesty and compassion that he had always shown me. I Just found out today, March 6th 2009, that he passed on last year. I shall always carry on his memory and love inside and outside my own heart.

    “My dear Kamots, may the Great Spirit guide you where he feels you need be most helpful.”

    Hardest Felt Love;

    Your Dear Lakota Coyote.

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