Mass Mysteria

What is Mass Mysteria?

In celebration of #Myst25, the people behind Mysterium are coordinating Myst gatherings around the globe. While we would love to bring Mysterium to everyone, it just isn’t possible as an all-volunteer group. In the past, it’s been a tradition for local groups to plan “mini-Mysterium” gatherings: local fans would all agree to meet in a nearby city on a specific date and time. Maybe they’d explore museums, or grab a bite to eat, or just sit in a park and nerd out about Myst. These mini-Mysteria were a way to meet and hang out with other Myst fans for a day without all the work of putting together a big convention.

We thought it’s about time we bring that back in a more significant form, to help people all over the world connect with other local Myst fans. Not everyone can travel to Mysterium, but maybe we can bring a little piece of Mysterium to everyone.

When is Mass Mysteria?

Mass Mysteria will take place on Saturday, May 4th 2019. In the event of a major weather event in any one city, we also have a rain date of Saturday, May 18th.

We know the 4th isn’t possible for everyone, but it was the day that most survey respondents could do. We also know that “May the Fourth” is a Star Wars holiday, and we encourage people in both fandoms to embrace the crossover (and post pictures).

Where are Mass Mysteria gatherings being held? What’s happening at them?

As of 5/4/19, the following locations and activities are planned. Click a location to learn more about their plans.

United States International
  • Denver, CO
    Summary: Attendees will begin the afternoon in the Denver Botanic Gardens, hunting for photo scavenger hunt items and Edanna-like flora.
    Note: In the event of rain, an alternative plan will be made for the same day, not on the Mass Mysteria Rain Date.
    Meeting Point: Denver Botanic Gardens (York Street), Bonfils-Stanton Visitor Center & Gift Shop (02 on the garden map)
    Meeting Time: 1:00 PM Mountain
    Host Contact:
    Discord: Fused Shadow#6593
    • Boston, MA
      Summary: Attendees will visit Prof. Nick Montfort’s Trope Tank, a collection of functional historical computers and gaming systems. Following, the group will tour the MIT Museum. To close the evening, attendees are invited to a performance by the Phoenix Orchestra at District Hall, with artistic direction by a fellow Myst fan. A full itinerary can be found here.
      Meeting Point: MIT Building 7, Lobby
      Meeting Time: 1:00 PM Eastern
      Food: Prior to meeting at MIT for the Trope Tank tour, attendees can meet at 11:30 AM for lunch at Aceituna Grill, or at one of the many spots near MIT. After the museum visit, attendees are welcome to join for dinner in the Kendall/MIT or Central Square area.
      Host Contact:
      Discord: Taniith#7998
    • Rochester, NY
      Summary: Attendees will start the day with a visit to the Museum of Play, where Myst is currently a finalist for the 2019 World Video Game Hall of Fame, and explore until around 2:00 PM. The group will then travel to Artisanworks and explore until 5:30. Attendees are then welcome to join for dinner in the area and spend some unstructured hangout time at Highland Park, weather permitting.
      Meeting Point: The Strong Museum
      Meeting Time: 10:00 AM Eastern
      Food: Lunch break will occur in the Museum of Play’s food court. Attendees are also welcome to join for dinner in the area.
      Host Contact:
      Discord: TreeHuggerHannah#6798
    • Cleveland, OH
      Summary: Attendees will start the day around Ohio City working on the photo scavenger hunt before breaking for lunch. After lunch, the group will try their hand at Perplexity Games’s Clockwork Caper Escape Room. The day will wrap up with some time at Visible Voice Books working on the Mass Mysteria puzzle packet and, later, the photo scavenger hunt, as time allows.
      Note: In the event of rain, the meetup will still be held on the same day, not the Mass Mysteria Rain Date. The meeting point and time will change to 11:00 AM at Tabletop Cleveland for brunch and board games.
      Meeting Point: Market Square Park (W 25th St & Lorain Ave)
      Meeting Time: 10:00 AM Eastern
      Food: There will be a break for lunch around noon. Location to be determined.
      Host Contact:
      Discord: kefrith#0306
    • Columbus, OH
      Summary: The day will begin at The Book Loft of German Village, one of the largest independent bookstores. Additional activities include an escape room at Breakout Games, visiting an arcade, and more. Free swag also included.
      Meeting Point: The Book Loft of German Village
      Meeting Time: 12:00 PM Eastern
      Host Contact:
      Discord: atypicalvillian#8284
    • Portland, OR (May 18th)
      Note: Due to scheduling conflicts, the Portland Mass Mysteria meetup has moved to Saturday, May 18th.
      Summary: Put on your walking shoes! We’re doing a scavenger hunt in the arboretum! Maps are provided, and there is guidance, so you won’t be aimlessly wandering around (although you can, if you really want to…). Afterwards, we’ll gather at a lovely restaurant for dinner and puzzles. Location to be discussed. Please check in on the Portland channel in Discord to share ideas if you haven’t already.
      Meeting Point: Stevens Pavilion Picnic Shelter at Hoyt Arboretum
      Meeting Time: Saturday, May 18th, 1:00 PM Pacific
      Rain Plan:In the event of heavy rain, the group will meet at 1:00 PM at the Portland Art Museum.
      Host Contact:
      Discord: KellyC#5355
    • Salt Lake City, UT
      Summary: Attendees will gather and try their hand at some puzzles, an Unwritten RPG campaign, and other games. The group will also explore for the photo scavenger hunt.
      Meeting Point: 3300 Ashton Blvd., #300, Lehi, UT, 84043
      Meeting Time: 10:00 AM Mountain
      Food: Lunch will take place at one of the nearby fast-casual restaurants.
      Host Contact:
      Discord: Geet#9659
  • Berlin, Germany
    Summary: Attendees will start off at the World Clock (which may be a hint for a puzzle we haven’t found yet…), followed by trying to solve a nearby escape room before breaking for lunch. Afterwards, attendees will be able to enjoy a walk through the garden ages provided by the Botanical Garden of Berlin.
    Meeting Point: World Clock, Alexanderplatz
    Meeting Time: 10:00 CEST
    Host Contact:
    Discord: Rain#6002

How do I register to attend?

To help our hosts plan for their event, we ask that you register using this form. There is no fee for registration, however your host’s plans may include venues that require admission.

How can I communicate with other attendees?

We have setup a number of opt-in channels on our Discord server for each location. There, you can communicate with other attendees and decide on plans. New attendees can join the Discord channel and see a history of the discussion, so you won’t have to worry about missing anything.

Once you join the server and agree to the rules, head over to the “#mass-mysteria” channel for general discussion, or to the “#bot-commands” channel to opt-in to your city’s channel.