How do I register for this year’s Mysterium?

When registration is open, you can pre-register for Mysterium on our registration page. Registration will close about a month before the convention date. If you are unable to register online or you miss the deadline, you may register at the door when you arrive. Please note that if you do not register online, we cannot guarantee that you will receive a swag bag or convention book, as our orders for these materials are based on pre-registration numbers.

What exactly do I get for registering?

If you register online, you will receive a name badge and any swag available for the current year. Swag bags are usually not guaranteed past a certain cut off date, which will be listed on the registration page.

If you register at the door, you will receive a name badge and pocket schedule. Because our funds are always tight, we are unable to provide at-the-door registrants with a swag bag or convention book.

Please note that t-shirts are not included in the cost of registration. You may pre-order a t-shirt along with your registration for an additional fee. We strongly recommend that you pre-order a t-shirt, as we do not print large quantities of extra shirts, and cannot guarantee that we will have one in your size should you choose to wait.

What does my registration fee go towards?

Registration fees go towards the cost of renting the hotel space for the weekend, any equipment rentals that may be necessary for presentations or activities, supplies for events like What Would Atrus Do, and materials for the swag bags and prizes. The Mysterium Planning Committee does not draw compensation from the registration funds, and any surplus is put towards paying for future conventions.