Special Event: Robyn Miller Q&A

Shorah Myst fans!

The Mysterium Committee is thrilled to announce that Robyn Miller will be Skyping in to Mysterium on August 3rd to answer some questions. We’re accepting question submissions from the community. Keep in mind that there are time constraints, so not every question will be asked, and questions that are very similar may be combined.

Please submit up to 5 questions to committee@mysterium.net . We know that people like to brainstorm questions with each other on the forum threads and blog post comments, but it’s easier for us to create the final list and not overlook anything if you send them directly to the committee. Please submit your questions by midnight Eastern time Sunday, July 28th so that we can give Robyn an early look at them.

the 2013 Mysterium Committee

Logo Reveal!


The 2013 committee is pleased to present to you the logos for this year’s Mysterium. The front logo was provided by zib_redlektab. The back logo was designed by Heather Larkin. We think these are outstanding logos and are pleased to show them off to you.

-The 2013 Mysterium Committee

The front logo for Mysterium 2013, by zib_redlektab.


A rendering of Myst Island with the text "20 years of Myst"

The back logo for Mysterium 2013, by Heather Larkin.




Call For Panels

Shorah, Mysteriumites!

Having panels created and run by you, the attendees and fans, is a time-honored part of Mysterium, and we’d love to keep it going this year. If you’re interested in having a panel, please fill out this form to let us know what you’d like to do and what you need for it so we can make it happen. The cutoff for form submission is Friday the 26th, though earlier is better.

Looking forward to seeing what you put together,

the 2013 committee

Hotel and Registration!


 The Mysterium 2013 committee is pleased to announce that we have a hotel! We’ll be at the Hampton Inn & Suites Rochester/Henrietta. You can reserve rooms at the group rate through the personalized hotel page here. The con rate is $109 per room for the dates of the con plus a couple days on each side, and the group rate is good til July 1st or until the block is all reserved.

The registration form can be found here. You can buy tickets for the whole weekend, for individual days, and you can also order shirts.

Stay tuned for more information in the weeks to come. We’ll be uploading details on things like the con schedule, events and activities in the area, and more.

Go ye forth and register!

Mysterium 2013 Logo Submissions Now Open

It’s time for the T-shirt logo contest for Mysterium 2013! This year’s Age theme is Myst Island itself, in honor of 2013 being Myst’s 20th anniversary. Please send us your submissions!


Entries must be submitted by April 15th, 2013.

Entries not meeting submission guidelines will be discarded. The submitter will be notified and given the chance to resubmit.

Entries are to be kept confidential until after the winners are announced. Entries found posted in any public format prior to that date will be disqualified. (This includes publicly asking people to look at your entry elsewhere, but does not include privately asking people for help.)

Screenshots from any of the games are not allowed.

The Committee reserves the right to make small design adjustments as needed to facilitate printing. We will do our best to work with the submitter.

You may submit as many designs as you like. If submitting one or more monocolor designs, please specify if it is for the front or the back.

All submissions become the property of Cyan Worlds Inc.


Entries must be high quality (300 DPI minimum for raster images), however vector images (.svg, .ps, .eps, .ai) are strongly preferred.
Our preferred file formats are: .ai, .psd, .ps, .eps, .svg
We will also accept: .png, .pdf
Please do not submit: .gif, .bmp, .jpg

The Falling Man Logo – .jpg, .eps, .tif, and .svg – http://www.mysterium.net/logo/


The shirt front logo should be a simple, easily recognized design. It must incorporate the falling man. It will be used on the front of the Mysterium t-shirt and on other convention memorabilia.

Grayscale – keep in mind that this will be black pigment on a white background, and thus we cannot guarantee the accuracy of halftone reproduction.
Must use Falling Man logo
May contain Location and Date
May contain word “Mysterium”
Print size should be no less than 8” x 8”

The FRONT LOGO may alternately be substituted with a maximum 3” x 3” POCKET LOGO with the same requirements listed above.


The shirt back logo is more detailed than the front logo, and often visually represents the location Mysterium is being held.

Up to four colors – these may contain halftones/shading, but no color blending/gradients
May use Falling Man logo
May contain Location and Date
May contain word “Mysterium”
Print size no less than 9” x 12”

Please direct all submissions, concerns or questions to logo@mysterium.net and the committee will respond promptly.