Coming Together

Here I go using the Mysterium blog as a blog again without telling Communications…

We’re just over a day away from the unofficial start of Mysterium tomorrow evening, and things are coming together nicely. Our swag gear has been delivered and stuffed into bags, convention books are here, the screen-printed t-shirts just arrived this morning, and our badges (complete with a mini schedule!) are all put together. It all looks fantastic! We even have an awesome banner to put at the registration desk, courtesy of Eleri.

I’m excited and also kind of panicked that we’re so close to the weekend. It’ll be one heck of a good time, and I hope everything goes according to plan. See you all at the hotel!

I like this idea…

It would seem that we’re going to be treated to some illustrated fiction at Mysterium next year.  Kite Line is working on a story that will be told with audience participation in the months leading up to Mysterium, and which will be distributed at Mysterium to anyone who wants one (Kite, I hope you bring lots of copies ;)).  If you’re interested in contributing crazy ideas to this story, check out Kite Line’s blog, and be sure to come to Mysterium… this sort of thing is only the tip of the iceberg!

(Somebody stop me, I’m actually using the Mysterium Blog as a blog!  I’ve gone mad with power!  Or quite possibly just gone mad… ;))

2008 Wrap-Up Survey Coming This Week

We haven’t forgotten about you guys, we promise!  We’re putting the finishing touches on the survey and will have it out to you sometime this week, so keep your inboxes open.  There will be another post here on the site once the survey has been sent out so that you know when to start checking your spam folder ;).

*Tap tap* Is this thing on?


So, it’s November now, and I realize we’ve been pretty quiet despite the promises that we’d be far more on-the-ball with planning than things have been in past years.  Well, we’re working hard to make up lost time now, and are busy planning Mysterium 2009.  We expect to have a couple of polls out within the week that you can participate in to drive the planning process for next year.  The first poll will be going out to everyone who registered for Mysterium 2008 in Boston, to get one last feedback push from them on how we did.  The second poll will be open to everyone, and will be soliciting feedback on what you as a community would like to see in 2009.

Stay tuned, this is just the beginning!

– Alahmnat