Meet Your 2010 Mysterium Committee


We would like to introduce your 2010 Mysterium Committee members! This year, we have the privilege of some returning committee members, and the honor of some brand new members joining us for next years’ Mysterium. Without further ado, meet your 2010 committee and volunteers!

Co-Chairs: Alahmnat and Eleri
Treasurer: Odo
Secretary: Mesnab
Communications Lead: Church
Events Lead: Blade
Location Lead: TW
Registration Lead: Oscelot
Web Lead: TS Kimball
Cyan Worlds: Viki Almond

Volunteers (so far): Simon and nomad. wandering_nomad has volunteered to be our Minneapolis insider.

We are riding high from Mysterium ’09, when Mysterium returned home to Spokane, WA; Cyan was gracious enough to have us for a visit and a BBQ. We have some exciting things planned for Mysterium this year: new people and new ideas have been flowing, and we’ve put much effort into reorganizing our committee structure to ensure that planning is as efficient as possible. We look forward to working with the community to make Mysterium 2010 better than ever!

Mysteruim Committee
Communications Lead

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